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from  ALL of your work!

My "companion" (ED) and I visited Dickson Mounds Museum (IL) on 15Jul03. I have lived in IL most of my life and had NEVER been to the museum. With him I experienced the Native American history for the first time in my life! It was awesome! Also I saw your fabulous work at the museum!

I am definitely partial to the Bald Eagle and panda bears and your photos of the eagles brought me to tears!

ALL of your work is awesome-------you are quite talented! Keep up the good work!

I plan on telling all of my friends and family about your site! Previous Response:
from Rhonda Maurer
on August 07, 2003
That is fantastic that you and Ed were able to visit Dickson Mounds Museum. I just love it there. Everyone is so nice. I love to visit them and the museum.
Thank you so very much for your wonderful comments! You are so kind! It feels really good to know that others enjoy my work as much as I love photographing those beautiful creatures.
Also thank you for passing on the word about my web site, that is truly appreciated. Stop in often and check out the new additions.
Thanks again for your wonderful note.

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