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from Gary H. Minish Big Mistake

It's been a while since I've visited your gallery and I can only say that I really blew it by watching your betterphoto gallery for updates instead of your web site! ALL of your new photos are amazing and They're getting better all the time! Your photos have always been exceptional but now I see a subtle change that is a step up in sophistication, precision and composition! As always I am VERY impressed with your work and hope some day to have the opportunity and skills to shoot animal photos as fine as yours. You can rest assured that I won't make the same mistake twice. I WILL be visiting your site frequently to see what new jewels you've scattered about :-) Previous Response:
from Rhonda Maurer
on June 26, 2003
 Oh my goodness Gary! I am speechless! And believe me that does not happen often, just ask my family:-)
Saying thank you does not begin to express how much I appreciate your kind words. It really means quite a bit to me as I am in awe of your landscapes.
I am sorry, it never dawned on me that you might be following my galleries. The first gallery was one that I won from BetterPhoto. At the time that I got that one there was a small limit on the photos that you could have, so I didn't do much with that. The other two galleries that I have were from being voted "Best In Class" and "Top Photographer" for the two online courses I took with BetterPhoto. I did not change those photos because they were picked by Jim from the work I did in the courses and I was just so proud of those that he picked that I did not want to change them.
You probably thought that I had fallen off the face of the earth:-)
Once your caught up with all the photos on the web site you can then just check the "Current Additions" link on my homepage because I always put new photos there for a while.
I am just so happy that you found me again:-)
Thanks again for your wonderful, kind comments on my photos, it is truly appreciated.
Most Sincerely,

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