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Hi Rhonda Maurer,

Need your professional advise...

From the website at your lowapro you have Tamron 2x SP Pro Teleconverter, do you know this Teleconverter can use with my Tarmon 28-300MM A06 Lens or not ? How is the quality out from Camera when you use it. ( If possible can give me some picture using Teleconverter with maximum zoom )

Do you please share some experience about using Teleconverter for your Tamron (70~300MM), and what is the price you purchase.

I like to take wild picture, now with Tamron Lens (28~300mm), please to get one Teleconverter too.

Nelson Khor Previous Response:
from Rhonda Maurer
on November 26, 2003
 Hi Nelson,
I am not familiar with the 28-300mm but the information on the lens states "for telephoto lenses 90mm & longer, with maximum apertures f2.8 and larger." Tamron's site would be the best place to check on your particular lens.
I have used the teleconverter very little just because I have not had the time. The few times that I have used it I really like it. I have to manually focus the camera with the teleconverter on and it really needs a lot of light. I would also highly recommend using a tripod when you are using the teleconverter.
I purchased mine at B&H Photo Video for $194.95. Here is a link at B&H for the teleconverter:
Teleconverter at B&H
I have also included a link showing you two photos taken, one without the teleconverter and one with.
Teleconverter comparison
I hope that this information has been of some help. Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions you might have and thank you for visiting my site. 

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