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from Gary H. Minish Ooops

Hi Rhonda; In the last comment that I left at your site I said that I would be checking up on your site regularly. Well...I lied :-( Life seems to be moving just a little too fast lately. Unfortunately, it was my loss as I went way too long without renewing my appreciation of the fine work that you do! Your photos are always exceptional and they just keep getting better and better. One of my most pleasant surprises this time was the photos of the frogs and toads that I haven't seen before. The composition, clarity and detail of all those photos are very impressive. I also ran into some new small back yard bird photos. I always love the photos of those little ones and the latest are no exception. Just keep raising the bar, Rhonda and I'll keep trying to catch up. I will certainly be back to visit your site again, but this time I won't make any rash promises as to how often ;-) Hope the remainder of the year brings you many perfect photo opportunities, Gary Previous Response:
from Rhonda Maurer
on November 07, 2003
 Oh Gary you are just so incredibly sweet! Oh, hey listen, your photos, especially your landscapes are just stunning! It is I who will keep trying to catch up.
That's ok, you don't have to make any rash promises:-) I know that you are there and we catch up when we can and you usually pop in at just the right moment when I need some very uplifting words from a dear friend.
I have a trunk full of bird seed and will be making the backyard birds, and of course the squirrels, very happy. So stay tuned:-)
Thanks so much!

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