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Heron's World

The state and county fairs have come to a close for this year and I had a great time.

I entered my photographs in the Monroe County Fair, where I live, St. Clair County Fair, the neighboring county, and the Springfield & DuQuoin State Fairs.

Since each fair has a great variety of categories to enter in the photography department I will not list each individual photo that was entered, I have, however, included Heron's World, which recieved "Best of Show" at the Duquoin State Fair.

For each of the fairs I chose different photos to be entered. There were just a couple of photos that I put into each of the three fairs to see how the same photo would fare in the different locations with different judges.

I like to use different photos for each of the fairs for two reasons; I like to get a good variety of my work out there and because I rarely print a large amount of my photos for myself, this gives me a chance to have prints of my best work for the current year all together in one large binder that I put together with the ribbons, awards etc. that each photo has earned, not only from the fairs but the on-line contests, magazines etc.

And lastly I took the money that I had won from the 2003 fairs and treated myself to a Nixvue Vista (Visual Storage Album), A 30 gig digital wallet that I absolutely love!

2003 Fair Results

Monroe County Fair:

23~~1st Place Ribbons
8~~~2nd Place Ribbons
3~~~3rd Place Ribbons
3~~~4th Place Ribbons
3~~~5th Place Ribbons
3~~~6th Place Ribbons

St. Clair County Fair:
Photography Color/Black&White and digital art

11~~~1st Place Ribbons
10~~~2nd Place Ribbons
7~~~~3rd Place Ribbons

DuQuoin State Fair:
Photography Color/Black&White and digital art

8~~~1st Place Ribbons
3~~~2nd Place Ribbons
1~~~3rd Place Ribbons
~~Best of Show~~Digitally generated Computer Art

Springfield State Fair:
One Color or B&W Photograph allowed

Participation Ribbon