The News Stand


  • Canon EOS 70D
  • Tamron 18-400mm Di II VC HLD with a 72mm Pro-Master UV Filter
  • Tamron150 - 600mm Di VC USD G2 with a 95mm B+W UV filter
  • Canon EF100mm Macro USM Lens with a 58mm Canon UV Haze-1 Filter
  • Canon 470EX-AI Speedlite
  • Pluto Trigger with Laser
  • Canon Angle Finder C
  • Canon Off-Camera Shoe Cord
  • Spare Canon Battery Pack BP-511
  • PNY 64 GB Elite Performance SD Card
  • Hakuba Media Card Case
  • Cleaning Cloths,Cleaning Solution Blow Brush, Q-Tips

  • Small Directional Flash Light
  • Small Pocket Knife
  • Small ScrewDriver
  • Compact unbrella
  • Spare Lithium Batteries,1 re-chargeable set, 1 throw away set
  • A 35mm film container with band-aids, gauze, rubber gloves & Tylenolfor minor emergencies
  • Plastic cover for my membership cards to the zoo, gardens etc.I don't always carry my purse with me but when I go to the zoo or gardens I always have my camera, so these cards stay with the camera
  • Pen & Pocket Notebook
  • Two Plastic Grocery BagsYou never know when you may need to cover the camera up quickly from the elements
  • A BandanaCan be used for many things~Dry your hands, the camera, cover the camera, etc.
  • Scarf, Gloves & Ear MuffsFor The Winter
  • Carabeaners & Clips on the zippers of the backpack~These can keep your keys handy

I know that this must seem like a huge amount of things to carry but everything is very organized and in its place. At any given moment I can grab my backpack and go. I don't like to try and decide ahead of time what I may need because I will always forget something. The backpack is durable and very comfortable, I can go the entire day without having my back hurt. Comfort and organization are the two big things for me so it works out well. And lastly, something I learned years ago in my "scout mommy" days,    
                                               ~BE PREPARED!~